About Us

We are a multicultural couple who have decided to settle in Rochester, Minnesota for this season of life. Matthew grew up in the Rochester area while Diana comes from Matt and DianaSwitzerland. We have three wonderful children who enjoy being part of both cultures.

The most common question we are asked is, “Did you two meet here or in Switzerland?” The answer is…neither…we met in New Zealand! While in New Zealand, we discovered that we shared similar passions in the areas of pioneering, creativity and hospitality. In 2000, we got married and spent the first year traveling around the world experiencing many different cultures and people groups.

After a year in Vancouver, Washington, we moved to Switzerland and lived there for ten years. During this time, Matthew worked for a pair of International Schools, renovated several large homes, got a 4-year degree from European Nazarene University and spent two years as a foster father and home leader. Diana completed a 4-year degree in Social Work along with spending the entire ten years in the social field. Three years in a crisis intervention children’s home. Five years in a long term foster home. The following two years as a foster mother and home leader, carrying most of the responsibilities for the Children’s Home. During this time, our three kids were born as well.

As the opportunity arose in 2011 to move to Rochester, we were able to invest our passions of hospitality and creativity into this venture…Rochester Furnished Homes LLC. With a lot of sweat, joy and love (and the occasional headache) we began to buy and renovate homes; each one with a little bit of a different style and its own unique character and tastefully furnished and decorated.

Our desire has been to offer comfortable and affordable housing for individuals and families who come to Rochester for their various needs. We take great pride in providing middle class accommodations for people on a budget, who would like the opportunity to have more than just a hotel room at a comparable price. We not only provide the homes, but we are also very involved in the management, cleaning and care-taking. We also view our guests as people with individual needs.

Many of our guests are here for the Mayo Clinic and have difficult or sensitive situations. We attempt to accommodate them in the property we feel would best suit their needs. With 6 properties we have a variety option to choose from. We try to make ourselves available for our guests in any way necessary, and provide 24 hour a day “on call” services. For us, the job is not done by simply getting you checked in. We know that you have options, and we want to show you why choosing to stay with us will not be a mistake. We enjoy many new guests each year, along with those who return to us time and time again. We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and host you in one of our homes.